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Customer Testimonials


I always dreamed of writing my own songs and performing for others. My acoustic guitar lessons at Guitar Lessons Portland exceeded my expectations! I have a solid understanding of music theory and knowing exactly what chords I can play within each key and this has helped me tremendously. They removed all the guesswork and saved me so much time! Thank you for the confidence you have given me!

Tasha H.


My lessons started a few years ago as I began preparing myself to play in a band. I never dreamed I would be playing with the skills and confidence I have now. Listen to your instructor, they know what they are doing and will help you in ways you never imagined.

Howard J.


My mom told me to pick an instrument so I did. I started bass guitar lessons six years ago now and I never pictured myself spending hours locked away in my room playing the bass. I never want to put it down and get so much enjoyment out of my instrument. Thank you so much for teaching me all that you have, you guys rock!

Jeremy B.

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